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  • OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope
    OLYMPUS GF 7,700,000
OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope > 의료기기

OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope 요약정보 및 구매

Refurbished,Excellent Working and Cosmetic Condition

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시중가격 65,000,000원
판매가격 7,700,000원
제조사 Olympus
모델 GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope
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  • OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope


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    OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope only  



    - Refurbished,Excellent Working and Cosmetic Condition

    - Tested & Inspected ,100% Operational ,Patient Ready

    - 12.6mm

    - Without MJA-1597, Valve,Soaking Cap......

    GF-UCT260 EVIS LUCERA ultrasound gastrovideoscope provides improved imaging depth and a redesigned forceps elevator to facilitate accurate needle placement. A single detachable cable connects this versatile scope with a choice of ultrasound centres, providing flexibility for echoendoscopy procedures. The latest GF-UCT260 EVIS LUCERA ultrasound gastrovideoscope delivers high quality endoscopic ultrasound images with greater imaging depth. The innovative forceps elevator design facilitates finely controlled needle handling during endoscopic ultrasound treatment, whilst the large 3.7 mm instrument channel accommodates bigger needles for more advanced fine needle aspiration procedures. A single detachable cable connects this versatile scope with a choice of ultrasound centres, providing the ultimate in flexibility for echoendoscopy procedure

    Endoscopic Functions

    Optical System Field of view 100°

    Direction of view Forward oblique viewing 55°

    Depth of field 18-100 mm

    Insertion Tube Distal end outer diameter 14.6 mm

    Insertion tube outer diameter 12.6 mm

    Working length 1,250 mm

    Instrument Channel Channel inner diameter 3.7 mm

    Minimum visible distance 6 mm

    Bending Section Angulation range Up 130°, Down 90°

    Right 90°, Left 90°

    Total Length 1,555 mm

    Ultrasound Functions

    Cable (With EU-ME2, EU-ME1) MAJ-1597

    Cable Length (With EU-ME2, EU-ME1) 1,500 mm

    Operation Mode (With EU-ME2, EU-ME1) B-mode, Color Flow mode, Power Flow mode

    Operation Mode (With Hitachi Aloka α10) B-mode, M-mode, D-mode, Power Flow mode, FLOW mode, eFLOW mode

    Scanning Method Electronic curved linear array

    Scanning Direction Parallel to the insertion direction

    Frequency (With EU-ME2, EU-ME1) 5, 6, 7.5, 10, 12 MHz

    Frequency (With Hitachi Aloka α10) 5, 6, 7.5, 10 MHz

    Scanning Range 180°

    Contacting Method Balloon method, Direct Contact method


    Good condition

    Please see pictures & video

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  • OLYMPUS GF-UCT260 Linear Echoendoscope

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